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POLS: The Speed of Tomorrow, Today

Seeking better network performance while using less energy and space? Passive Optical LAN provides the best of both worlds. It’s better for the environment because it uses 80% less energy than traditional networks, which in turn is better for your bottom line. On top of saving energy and money, it uses 90% less space than traditional solutions. And best of all, POLS can lower your installation costs by 50% when compared to copper-based networking projects.

AWS Communications is a leader in offering this cutting edge technology.

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CAT-3 voice serving 120 endpoints


CAT-5e data serving 120 endpoints


POLS single-mode fiber supports converged voice-video-data to 128 endpoints

Just what is POLS?

Passive Optical LAN is based on Passive Optical Network technology. It replaces copper-based network with fiber optics.

Fiber-based networks allow enterprises to provide a secure network with increased bandwidth. It serves as a cost-cutting fiber-to-the-desktop solution.

POLS provides voice, data, and video over a single mode fiber infrastructure.

POLS Benefits

The demand for fast enterprise broadband is at an all time high. POLS transports voice, data, and video at gigabit speeds to any Ethernet end-point.

And even better, POLS provides a more secure network than original Ethernet LANs.

With POLS, you can expect to cut day one capital costs by up to 50%, and save up to 70% on year-to-year costs. POLS do not require distribution closets, which house copper patch panels and switches, saving up to 90% more space. POLS is also easier to install and maintain.

OpEX/Facilities Comparison (1000 Ports)

How Can POLS Revolutionize Your Operations?

Passive Optical LAN is ideal for a variety of businesses and buildings. Call the certified Advanced Wireless Solutions team today to discuss your specific requirements and Passive Optical Lan solutions that can be customized to your exact needs.

  • Multiple dwelling units
  • Multiple tenant units
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Business services
  • Hospitality spaces
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Campuses

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